Angel Therapy

“It is a powerful and effective healing method that helps release fears and emotional blockages through angelic channeling, transmitting a message to those on earth who need their help.

Angels always provide us with loving guidance through which they tell us what to do in our lives, whether we are on the right path or if there is something to change.

They are God’s messengers on earth and are around us all the time. They are beings that vibrate in a different dimension from ours.

Angels and archangels, ‘as messengers of God, come to give us peace, health, love, and tranquility. They are here to help us make decisions, and working with them is always very loving. All their messages are always of love.’

Spiritually, at these times, all people feel the need to be closer to God, and since angels are his messengers, people come to us for help.
The therapy includes:
  • Psychological medical history
  • Identifying if there is any blockage, physical – financial – spiritual – mental or social, its origin, and how to overcome them.
  • Angelic channeling
  • Angelic response to a personal question
  • Angel card reading.
Duration: 45 – 60 minutes

By appointment only